Saturday, March 31, 2007

Barter for Horse Breeding

Becky talks about Bartering, Horse Breeding, and Heirloom Seeds.



  1. i totally agree with what you had to say about hybrid seeds! I found out that nto only do you have to buy them again, but if you plant them anywhere near your heirlooms plants, they'll actually sterilize your heirloom plants. awful!


  2. be safe, the IRS likes poking around and looks down on bartering. So much that they say that they can tax it at fair market value. I personally think that is bull since no money is being exchanged but they figure if you barter for everything, they wont get paid. So they force you to pay them even thou in all reality its stupid

  3. Hi, I know, My husband just told me about it. Isn't that something!! Who is to say what fare market value is on mostly used homestead stuff?? Next to nothing I would say. If they could, they would sell it, and get the money for sure. I try not to get upset by ALL THE stupid stuff out there. That's why I'm on my homestead. Becky