Saturday, June 12, 2010

How To Choose A Log Cabin Kit

The number one question I get is, "What log cabin company did you use"?

That is a good question because building a log cabin kit is a huge investment. There is no one answer that fits all because things always change. We all live in different places. What works for one might not be a perfect fit for someone else.

That's why we are working on an e-book that contains everything I learned from researching and choosing my log cabin kit.

I hope my experience in going from total greenie to successful cabin builder will be helpful.

I was a suburban mother and housewife who wanted to move to the country and build my own house. My father was a builder and I had a strong desire to build my own home. I knew I would be the builder of whatever I chose, because my husband is not a builder, can't build.

In fact he looked me in the face and asked if I thought I could really do it because he won't be any help at all. I said I could because I was so determined. I wanted my farm and cabin. I feel blessed that he was willing to go along on the journey, but the work was up to me.

I did a years worth of research on the Internet, reading everything on log cabins before I chose my log cabin kit, now with my "How To Choose A Log Cabin" e-book I hope I can save you time, money, and stress if you want to build a log cabin too. The point is if I can do it you can too!!

Happy Homesteading!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Becky's Farm TV: How To Milk A Goat

Becky visits her friend Kat's homestead, and Kat shows Becky how to milk a goat, then they go into the kitchen and make home made goat cheese from scratch.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Master One Skill Befor You Move On To The Next One.

I have the care of my egg hens down really well! I get steady, good eggs from my hens with no problems. Now, I am ready to add dairy goats. I think it is important to master one skill before you move on to the next. especially if your looking for success. Nothing is worse than having two or three things going wrong at the same time. Every problem needs your attention, and being pulled in more than one direction is stressful. For me it's easy to get myself into that situation because I get so excited about my farm, but I have learned having success is so gratifying and much better than being impulsive. So for me it's one thing at a time when it comes to expanding my farm. Every new addition needs housing of course, but also tools for processing and so forth. I need to plan all that out to be able to financially afford my new project. Life on the farm is so good it's better than my dreams. Happy Homesteading Becky

Thursday, June 3, 2010