Sunday, February 1, 2009

Becky's Homestead 23: Cast Iron Cookware

In this episode Becky shows you the different types of cookware she uses in the homestead kitchen, she also gives advice on cleaning your cast iron cookware.

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  1. good video there, and thanks for shareing with us all.

    one thing i do with my castiron is to put some oil on a towel or piece of papertowel and rub the inside of the pan after its washed and dried. it stops the rust before it has a chance to form.

  2. Great as always Becky. Can you tell us where you buy the pine oil cleaner? Have never seen it before and am intrigued. Was hoping Amazon sold it, but alas. I'm weary of buying online from sites I don't necessarily trust. Does $8.00 per 16 oz sound the right price?


  3. Dear Becky: Thank you for the info, very informative video on line. I do have a couple of questions. It's been years since I have cooked with Cast Iron, so my question is what is the diameter of the small pot you held up that you said could be used like a crock pot.
    My husband's mother and also another dear friend used to leave a roast don't know what kind on the stove, with potatoes, carrots and don't remember if they used water just can't recall. They went to church and left it on the stove top on very low flame. They had gas. It was the best
    roast, and they made gravy with it. It broke up with a fork. Could this pot be used this way or would it burn by the time you got back from church. 2 to 2 1/2 hours Max.
    Would the water carrode the cast iron pot?
    Any thoughts. Would it seal good enough to keep in the heat and cook it so it didn't dry out or burn? curious? Thanks for the info. Do you have other videos I can watch? We just moved into a rural area also, so we just can't run to store when we want. Thanks again, Elizabeth

  4. Becky you have to be really careful with enamelware. Apparently high quality enamelware is pretty good, or so I'm told, but as soon as it develops any kind of cracking you probably want to throw it out. Enamel is not unlike glass. Not something you want to swallow! Happy steading.

  5. Hi Becky,
    Great vid again. I just purchased my first cast iron pan at the thrift store!
    Did I hear you say you have a wood stove for cooking??

    Have a blessed day,