Friday, January 29, 2010

Escape The Rat Race And Start Your New Life

Being caught in the rat race is exhausting and depressing. Working hard every day and not being where you want to be or doing what you wish you could be doing, makes you feel like you need a magic genie to help you escape your real life. I felt that way when I was in my thirties. I had this heavy feeling that I wasn't doing what I really wanted. You know, being True to myself to my very core. The funny thing was I was in a good position. I had a new house, My kids were healthy, I had a little home business, I have a good hard working husband....BUT......I wasn't feeling it.

Now, when I think back to my childhood my father used to say I was going to marry a farmer. He saw it but, was off just a little. He should of said YOUR going to be a farmer. That's the real me down to my very core.

I don't mean the big industrial farmers we see and (don't really like) today, but the good old fashion kind. You know the homesteaders that founded this country. The humble, hard working, lots of skills, self sufficient kind of farmer. There are not too many of those left, but that is me.

It took me about six years to get into position to my new life, then I started my new life by building my own log cabin. I never felt happier living in a tent cooking on the campfire and working HARD every day. Way harder than in my old life but I was feeling it now. Happy, Happy, Happy! I am in my forties now and am sooo glad I am really being me.

It's never too late to start over and escape to your new life. Your real life.


  1. Way to go, girl! Keep it up!

  2. Your words are very inspiring and relieving. Thanks Becky;)

  3. Love your videos Becky. I always wondered if you were married or if you did all of this on your own. Is your husband on board with the homesteading life too? Keep up the good work, you are very inspiring to those of us on our own journeys.

  4. I know this feeling all too well Becky, although I am only in my twenty's I am feeling the same way and as you said about your husband being the nerdy inside type that is my huband too other than hunting and fishing he wants to be inside playing video games and it just makes me want to escape all that sometimes and change our lives. I hope that I will be able to find myself as you have and really make it happen not just in my dreams. Keep up the great work you are an inspiration to us all.

  5. OH My Goodness! I can't believe there's another girl out there just like me! I too have evolved and peeled back the layers to find my true self- geeky indoor husband as well-- we are in the suburbs, but we are far from the typical suburb home- I'm considered the crazy lady in the neighborhood! I'm in my 30's and babystepping my way to my dream homestead! I'll be visiting your site often!!

  6. my husband and i feel this way as well. we are both around 30yrs and are looking to get out of the rat race to do the much the same thing as you. lucky for me, my husband enjoys selfsustainable living as well.