Friday, February 5, 2010

A Little Personal

I don't usually Talk about my "private" life. You know how some things are fine for the whole world to see and just a few things are private. Marrage to me is rather private because a relationship between two people is huge and a lot goes on through the years. It's all good To me.

OK, I do have a nice hard working husband, Who is nerdy and an inside person. I do all the building, farming, training, gardening, you know the outside stuff. I have a lot of energy and love, love, love my farm. I feel soo happy that my husband lets me be myself.

We have respect for each other. I think of Dolly Parton, it seems like her husband is like that. It meant a lot that my nerdy inside husband moved into a tent and started from scratch like we did. His reward is he doesn't have a mortgage for the rest of his life. He is loving that!! He will feed my horses if I go away, But he needs the whip for security. Ha/Ha.

One thing I like about him is that He's a really good cook. We all love to cook. Yum! We have two grown sons. Scott is the director of my show and James is a musician, drummer. Both creative YAAA!! So there you are, Becky's Farm Family.


  1. Becky,
    Thanks for sharing this! I am really encouraged by your show and it's neat to know more about your family!

  2. That's wonderful that your marriage is so secure you can both do your own thing and respect the other. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Becky,you look to young to have grown children!

  4. You and yours remind me of me and mine. He's a great cook. I would rather be outside diggin in the dirt, planting, hoeing, harvesting. We both have to share the cleaning -- both would rather not!