Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Is The Best Chicken Coop Plan?

In this episode Becky talks about raising backyard chickens for farm fresh eggs. She gives you a tour of both of her new chicken coop designs. Learn More -->



  1. So excited about the new video! I love the new chicken coop you all did a really great job on it. We plan to get some laying hens soon. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  2. very nice coop i have one that is 50' by 50' and my chickens never really use it that happy with free ranging and have 40 acres to roam. But just a few days ago i lost two hens to a fox that took them during the day brave fox! two days later one came back with a limp and most of her feathers missing. i was so happy she was back but the other never returned.

    I have 13 hens 2 rosters (10 Black Australorps hens one roster, 3 silver whayndots) dont think i spelled that right but you get the idea lol well thanks for the update and we hope to see more from you Becky good luck and most of all have fun by!

    Daniel Ross, fairmont , Nc

  3. Hey Becky its me Daniel I was wanting to know are you planing to go off grid? and are you going to use wind or solar if you do?

    I was looking into both and fond wind it the cheaper way to go solar is a little high, I fond it will cost us $3500 for a 3 kw hour wind turbine or about 20k for solar. I think wind is the best for the $$$ lol but what do you think?